Tamara Leberer

Fiber Art

About Me

Whether you call them art quilts or fiber art, my work revolves around a love of fiber, fabric and color.  The vivid colors of fiber and fabric and the texture and dimensionality of quilting are what thrills me about this art form.  No matter what or how much I do, I can’t extinguish my passion to create with my hands.  My favorite manner of work is improvisational where I explore line, shape, and color to create harmony and motion.

I’ve spent the last 20 years exploring every facet of fiber art before finding the sweet spot that makes my artist heart feel at home: combining a wide variety of fibers in different ways, and then quilting, always quilting.

“As my artist statement explains,
my work is utterly incomprehensible
and is therefore full of deep significance.”
– Calvin and Hobbes -

To Order a copy of my book, SILK FUSION, please E-mail me!

In "Silk Fusion" you will learn how to create stunning silk art in just a few easy steps!  Whether you’re a seasoned artist, sewist or quilter—or a newcomer who just wants to learn a new art form— In this book you will be taken step by step through the process of creating silk fusion.